Personal Protection Programs

You Are Your Own First Responder!

Our Personal Protection Programs are hybrid self-defense programs that combine proven and effective methods that teach you how to be safe in today’s world.  With these various classes, you get to choose your level of training.   You will receive one on one attention from a qualified instructor in a variety of different programs.   In every program we offer, we provide our clients with useful and practical information that anyone can apply.  These programs are custom designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to keep you and your family safe in the event of a violent encounter.

Below you will find the programs offered and a description.  If you decide to purchase a program you will be contacted by an instructor from the Self Defense Training Center to arrange a time for you to begin your training.   Remember: You are your own first responder!


Intro to Self Defense

This program covers basic hand techniques, grab defenses and strikes.   Students who attend this program we also be taught the “Fundamentals of Defending and Escaping” , “Getting to the outside” and “Situational Awareness 101”    We will also discuss and practice the concepts of “Run, Hide, Fight”

Total Class Time:  2 ½ to 3 hours   Cost: $199   Two People $299   Three People $399

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Intro to Self Defense with Defensive Pepper Spray

This program covers all material in the Intro to Self-Defense program but also includes our Intro to Defensive Pepper Spray.  In addition to learning some basic self-defense skills, this class is designed to give you the additional knowledge and the confidence you need to carry and deploy pepper spray, if needed, as a non-lethal self-defense option.  This program is for anyone who wants to have the added protection of defensive pepper spray and the know how to use it safely and effectively. At the conclusion of this class, participants will receive a fully functional canister of Sabre 3 in 1 Pepper Spray.

Class Time:  3 ½  to 4 hours    Cost: $299    Two People $399     Three People $499

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Introduction to Firearms for Beginners

Are you interested in purchasing a gun for personal or home defense but have no idea where to begin?  This class is for you!   Introduction to Firearms for Beginners  covers the basics of safe handling, storing, loading and unloading.    This hands on class includes the book “Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals”

Class time is 4 hours.  Cost:  $199

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